Fine way to start

The kick off of this blog can have no better way to start than to post pictures of food and wine from my favorite restaurant, Becco, in New York City. A luncheon birthday celebration for Bob's 49th birthday turned out excellent as usual at Becco. It was our 4th visit here and each time it just gets better if that's possible. The food is always top notch as is the service. Our waiter, Mitch, graciously let us take his picture modeling the wine we chose. It was a Castelrapiti 1997, Fattoria Montellori Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese blend. It was excellent with a nice zing to begin with a nice smooth finish.

Next for the appetizers we had the procuitto and parmesan cheese plate and the antipasto that comes with the pasta luncheon special.

Three pastas of the day come with the luncheon special. They serve it to you right out of the pan. Wow. The three pastas were ravioli with a cream sauce, the ziti with the bolognese sauce, oh my God, it was wonderful, with a slightly sweet taste to it, and the spaghetti. It doesn't get any better than this.

The other dish was a freshly made pork sausage over Mediterranean vegetable assortment of zuchinni, eggplant, and peppers. For a lo-carber like me, it was truly the perfect dish. For dessert we had the sampler platter with cheesecake, chocolate moussecake, gelato, panna cotta, and an apple crisp type of pastry.

We know we have to go to some other restaurants in NY but we keep coming back here because it is so wonderful. Try it sometime.