Clarke Cooke House Brunch

Sunday Brunch is one of our favorite meals to have at a nice restaurant. The Clarke Cook House in Newport, RI is one of those places. At a recent weekend getaway, we not only had lunch there, when we saw the menu for their brunch we had to come back and try it. This restaurant is a classic Newport tradition. It's a place where the locals hang out. People who grew up there and moved away are drawn back by memories of their childhood dinners and the restaurant's Snowball from Hell dessert. What child wouldn't remember an ice cream sunday type dessert, a chocolate roulade topped with vanilla ice cream in a chocolate coated goblet covered with Callebault chocolate and sprinkled with coconut?
One of the reasons I like brunch so much is because of Mimosa's, champagne and orange juice. I gave up my sugar-free diet for one day just to be able to indulge in this little bit of Heaven. And Heaven it felt like as we enjoyed the crisp, clean, blue sky and calm water outside our window seat.
The brunch menu offers a variety of specialty poached egg dishes. I tried the Oeufs en Meurette, two poached eggs in red wine on a crouton with bacon, pearl onions, mushrooms, and frisée. That was out of this world. It's not something you would normally throw together at home on a Sunday afternoon. We followed up our meal with a bread pudding dessert special. It was a slice on the plate drizzled with a caramel sauce. We ate it so fast I didn't even get a picture of it. But it was so memorable that we'll be coming back years from now hoping to repeat that special meal from the past.