Hyatt Aruba Sunday Brunch

We have to tell everyone about the best Sunday Brunch we have ever had. It's not as some may think, that just because you are on vacation in a special place it makes everything so much better, although it did make our hearts sing knowing that we were in Aruba. The Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt in Aruba would be awesome whether it was in Aruba or at a Hyatt in your nearest city.
It was all about the variety of choices on the menu and the freshness of all the food. And the waiters and waitresses were always right there to clean up your plate as soon as you finished and before your glass of champagne or mimosa was empty to refill it again.

Get ready for the line up of the menu - in no particular order:

Omelets to order
Sushi bar
Home made donuts hot and fresh from the machine (that's why Bob is smiling so much below)
Carving station with Angus beef and turkey
Fresh pasta station
Lox (fresh as could be) and everything to go with it including caviar
Assortment of breakfast items - bacon, sausage, eggs, fried potatoes, etc.
Assortment of hot dinner items
lobster bisque
Salads galore including an incredible crab salad that hit a hint of hotness to it
A huge pile of nicely sized shrimp in the shell and oysters on the half shell (see below)
Free pouring champagne for mimosas during the entire meal

The crab salad is on the left, the lox was perfect, and there were all the accompaniments for it including blocks of cream cheese, red onion, caviar, and more.
Bob gasped in delight when he spotted this incredible array of shrimp and oysters.
Hot, fresh, pesto pasta right out of the pan. Delicious.
The restaurant had a fresh and light ambiance, a free flow through to all the different food stations, to make it easy to get to your choice and back to your table.

There were plenty of assorted desserts for the finale including my favorite, mini fruit tarts.
We'd go back to Aruba just to experience the Hyatt Sunday brunch. And, in fact, for our next trip to Aruba we are going to make sure we get two Sunday's in to enjoy it twice.