30 Day Paleo Experiment - Day 3

The biggest challenge for me so far is to cook dinner instead of finding a way to go out to dinner!  I managed to make my way to the grocery store.  I don't go that often anymore but found I really needed to get to Super Stop & Shop to get something for dinner and stock up with a few basics like the coconut milk, some grass fed beef and organic stuff.  Thank God for S&S for their Nature's Promise line.   Not everything was organic, like the brussels sprouts that I roasted.  They were the fresh ones that I had to pick off the stalk though.  Thought that was pretty fresh if not organic.  Then I decided to make a turkey meatloaf or meatballs kind of thing.  Usually I add oatmeal to my meatloaf mix but that's a no-no so what I ended up doing was making the turkey mix with about a 1/4 cup of almond flour, 2 eggs, lots of spices, and I added 3 teaspoons of Kosciusko mustard.  I thought the mustard would give it a special flavor.  I put the mix in my muffin pan.  It held together nicely and now I have some cute little meatloaf muffins leftover that I froze for when I need a quick pick me up.  Overall it was an ok recipe but I think some nice beef would be better.  I'll try this again with the ground bison that I bought.  

Still no sugar cravings and I'm kind of surprised especially since I had so much more sugar than normal in December.  But, it's only Day 3 so I'll see how tomorrow goes.  I'm not really hungry at all either so I must be making a good mix of food.  I do think I need to add more veggies to the day though.
Woo Hooo!  Made it through another day with no grains at all!  Amazing.  Till tomorrow!


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