Paleo 30-Day Experiment - Day 20!

OH My.  Only ten days to go.  Day 20.  Time is starting to go by faster now.  The first week crawled by.  Now the days are starting to blur together.  Missed our Saturday shopping trip because of the snow storm in CT.   I was so focused on making the Paleo coconut crepes that I forgot about meals for the rest of the day.  After spending a few hours out in the freezing cold taking photographs of snow crystals I was really hungry and did not have anything for a quick bite.  Instead I munched on one tiny piece of pineapple leftover from breakfast, guzzled some water, threw some chicken legs into the oven and went back out in the cold to continue photographing.  Hunger pangs go away pretty quickly when you fill up on water and you are busy with a project :-)

An early dinner consisted of the baked chicken legs and then I made a turkey shepard's pie.   Will post pics and recipe on that later.  That was one of the tastiest meals I've had so far.  

Today, back to the "cow store", Stew Leonard's in Newington.   Look at how beautiful the rows of nice veggies are.   Not that these are organic but I really like cucumbers for lunch.  Stew's food always looks so fresh.  And I'm getting used to the maze that takes you through the store.  It used to irritate the heck out of me walking through there but when you bypass so much of it to get to just to the fruits, veggies, seafood and meats it makes the journey through the store much quicker. It is pretty funny going through the cheese section with words "gotta have cheese" sung out of the speakers by the animatronics in the cheese section.
I look at the whole shopping trip now as an experience rather than a chore.  Just another way of thinking about food!