Paleo 30-Day Experiment - Day 6

Day 6.   Wonderful Sunday morning.  Church in the morning at 8AM.  What did I forget about?  The bread for communion!  First time ever that I took the rice cake and the water instead of bread and grape juice.  I know there are those who would say it's only a little piece of bread... but for this plan even one piece is not what I wanted to eat.  Thankfully there are options.  I could have made my way through the grocery store the other day just tasting all those little pieces of food samples but I didn't.  You see how this way of life eating and such is about much more than just the food.  It's about choices, and willpower, and motivation, and much much more.  It's about making food at home instead of running to a restaurant.  It's about exercising and starting to feel better.  Although I have to say, that my husband and I went for a walk this afternoon and it was a very hilly walk.  Not the best way to start out because it wiped me out instead of making me feel energized.  Just goes to show us how we need to work on that aspect more.

So, I continue on and share more great meals we've been creating and eating and photographing!

Steak Soup
grass fed eye round beef steaks chopped, browned, and coooked in the crockpot with some yellow peppers, onions, and tomato paste, and beef broth.  Wow was it tasty.

For dinner, hubby made some shrimp sauteed with olive oil, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.  Using up the rest of the veggies from last nights meal.  I wasn't in the mood for anything else fried so I boiled up some of the shrimp for myself and ate a couple of those plain with some asparagus.

On to a good week 2.  We have leftovers, plenty of fruits and veggies and planned out a few days worth of meals.  We have had our seafood weekend but I will be adding in some salmon this week.

Thanks for reading!