Paleo 30-Day Experiment - Day 8

Another lovely Paleo day here in Connecticut on the Whole 30 plan.  I haven't noticed any real difference in my sleeping patterns yet.  I guess I expected that I'd be sleeping soundly ALL through the night and would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to just jump out of bed with all the energy I have stored up from eating such a marvelous diet.  Alas, that is not the case.  The only thing that has improved is that my husband commented that my snoring is not as bad as it usually is so I guess that's an improvement although not as outstanding as I expected.  I also suppose that once I get into a regular work out or exercise routine that will help too.

Here's the food primer for today.  I decided to listen to my body and my body said it wanted fruit.  I haven't been eating very much fruit for some time so it was time to try something different for a change (I usually have eggs and something).  So for a real treat since I made it to DAY 8 I had blueberries and raspberries covered with coconut milk and a liberal dosing of ground cinnamon.  OMG.  Well I found my new favorite treat.  Who needs sugar when you have something this good?  And no, the coconut milk did not have sugar it in.

As I was preparing my lunch to take to work I finally realized that the reason I had gotten so out of control with my food choices is that I wasn't preparing anything!  I was running out of the house every day without making breakfast or lunch, eating at the cafeteria at work every morning then at lunch time or I would go out.  Then once I got home I had no ideas or plans of what to make so usually it was another night out at a restaurant or bring home take out food from a good restaurant but take out nonetheless.   So that was my epiphany for the day.  I didn't have the best leftovers or lunch idea for today so it was the chicken wing leftovers with lots of organic baby spinach and cucumber.  We have a great cafeteria with a pretty varied salad bar so I added some asparagus, tuna, roasted red pepper (not out of the jar) and brussels sprouts to it.  It ended up way too much to eat it all at lunch and it was very satisfying.

Dinner started out with a plan to make some talapia with a recipe off the coconut milk can.  I got it all prepped with cut up red and green peppers, onions, garlic all ready to saute and then I took a look at the pre-frozen now thawed talapia.  One of them was GREEN! gag.  For a brief moment I thought this whoe Paleo thing was really going to my head and I was seeing things.  Not.  Ok so toss the fish and make note to myself to make sure I don't buy frozen talapia anymore.   Plan B.  Chicken sausage with red and green peppers, onion, garlic.  The sausage was from my favorite Stew Leonard's store from their fabulous "naked" food product line which meant no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, etc. just chicken, peppers, and garlic.  Not bad.  Cooked up a batch of broccoli rabe and mixed it all together.  Perfect.  I guess if my camera is not right in front of my face I forget to take a picture.   That reminds me though I did take a picture of my lovely breakfast...  And, I was not hungry again until noon.  Now that was a surprise since it was just a small bowl of fruit.  Love that coconut milk!