Paleo 30-Day Experiment

Yeah - this is a good celebrating paleo night.  Just because it's the weekend, Gridiron Greats Magazine is on its way to our subscribers, we have not eaten out since December 31, and lobster was on sale at our favorite grocery store.  All good good good!

Meal of the day:  Lobster.  Lots of it.  We cooked it ourselves on the grill outdoors in about 30 degrees F weather no less.  Since we have a flat top cook top we thought the big pan would be boil the water faster and fit the two lobsters if we cooked them on the side of the grill outside.  Still had to cook one at a time.  They were pretty big lobsters.  So happy we had some awesome Ghee to go with the lobster.  So for once, hubby got to actually have some buttery taste with his lobster.  He cannot eat dairy at all so me going Whole 30 and dropping the dairy just got us on the same page.  I discovered Ghee, and now he gets to have that taste he liked without the dairy.  The added fun part is that when I take the top off the Ghee, my cat, Angie comes running.  She LOVES the taste of the Ghee.  I'm sure it helps to keep her furs and coat nice and soft as well as helping with our own skin.

To get our fill of veggies I made a broccoli salad - cooked broccoli, fried up some non nitrite bacon, sliced up some grapes, chopped up some almonds since I had no sliced almonds in the house (ut oh) , and instead of making some paleo mayo, we decided - who needs that anyway and just squeezed some lemon over the broccoli.  It worked perfectly.

Happy eating everyone!  I know I'm enjoying this immensely.  :-)