Paleo whole 30 experiment day 7

I'm a day late posting for day 7 but wanted to get it in anyway. Yayyy I made it through another day 100% no cheating no tastes of anything off the plan. For those of you who happened to stumble across this post, the Whole 30 is a 30 day challenge to eat healthy and to put it simply, eating the Paleo way with a diet oflean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. See their site for more info and my post from day 1.

Ifelt much better on Monday than i did on Sunday. I Took a vigorous walk and felt off kilter after that. Could have been a blood sugar drop. Don't know but i felt great Monday.

Morning of day 8

Just had a nice egg white omelet with natural cooked sliced turkey breast and spinach and finally got to use my ghee. Wow. I love the smell of that ghee warming up in the pan.

Eye round roast has been started in the crockpot for dinner and i expect that to be a tasty event. A couple of friends are stopping over for a short visit so that will be my first situation in a week where I may be presented with the social hour challenge so to speak.

Have a great day!