Ten Things I've learned from my Whole 30 Paleo experiment

Ten Things I’ve learned from doing the Whole 30 Experiment:

1.              I can drink coffee without cream.  Really. 
2.              I had no problem whatsoever giving up the cheese.  It is actually possible to eat an omelet without cheese.  Who knew?
3.              I now know what the cafeteria at work uses to coat the grill with – soy spray from a can.  It kept me away from having my daily egg white with cheese omelet.
4.              I also learned that the butter the grill cook uses is clarified.  Yay!  I had a few squirts of that on some tasteless looking broccoli one day.  Saved me from getting whiney over what was for sure to be a yucky lunch day.
5.              I can make it through the week without wine.
6.              Strangely enough I didn’t have any sugar cravings until around day 11 which came disguised as a craving for Friday night wine.  Crafty sly sugar brain…
7.              I finally realized just how much money I was spending a month eating out between work and after work.   Now I can afford Cross Fit if I can actually get there to start the On Ramp program.
8.              I learned what to do with the rest of tomato paste (freeze it in an ice cube tray).
9.              I love coconut even more than I thought.  And I love Ghee too!
10.         And most importantly, it’s not about the food after all.  It’s about learning how to be non-judgmental about myself and others.

Today is actually Day 27.  It's no problem to make it through the next three days strictly following the plan.  In addition to the above 10 items, I have learned I really enjoy eating this way.  Is it tough to stick to it?  It sure is when confronted with situations outside of my home environment.  Besides going to work, I pretty much stayed home the whole month.  I don't know how I would have fared if I had a bunch of eating out, celebration challenges.  The few events I did have to attend were tough and I wasn't 100% compliant but they were little slips and I made it through it still feeling pretty good about my choices.

End result?  I'm going to go another 30 days...  with exercise this time.