Breakfast Kale

Kale, not your average every day breakfast that's for sure! I recently ran across a TED talk from Dr. Terry Wahls that's been on the internet for a while. In the talk she tells about how she has recovered from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and recovered.  Her research into the disease led her to discover how important a Paleolithic diet is to human health. Visit the link here: Watching the video made me realize that I still wasn't getting enough vegetables in my daily diet.

Dr. Wahl's diet consisted of three plates covered with vegetables a day, three cups of sulfur rich vegetables, three cups of bright color, grass fed meat, organ meat and seaweed.  She says that kale has the most nutrition per calorie of any plant as it's full of vitamins B, A C and K along with minerals.   We might think we are eating enough vegetables to get by, but once you write it down and pay attention you may realize you could be getting some more into your daily diet than you had been. One way to do this is to add more vegetables to your breakfast.  So on my way to three cups of green leaved vegetables a day I figured I'd start out with a nice plate of chopped kale sauteed in coconut oil.  I added a small piece of leftover pork for some protein (not grass fed unfortunately but hey I had to start somewhere...) and ended up with a nice power breakfast.  

Is there a way you can start to add more vegetables to your diet?