Knuckleheads Restaurant Wallingford CT

Friday, December 7, 2012 - a holiday shop and stroll night in downtown Wallingford, CT eventually brought us into Knuckleheads Restaurant for some pub fare.  After partaking of several holiday type foods offered by some local stores for the stroll crowd, I decided to cast my Paleo intentions aside and have a sandwich.

First, since this was a planned activity night for the downtown shops to bring folks into their stores and/or eating establishments it was a very busy night.  This was hubby's first time at Knuckleheads and he was dying to try it.  The restaurant was full and the line at the back was about eight people long when we got in.  We didn't have to wait too long to be seated.   Since I decided to go totally non Paleo tonight, and there is no Chardonnay on the menu, I had the Guinness to start.  As for the meals, I think the pictures tell more than any words can.

The corned beef sandwich was the perfect size for me and I enjoyed every bite.  After the sandwich I had little room left for the sweet potato fries.  They were a tad greasy for me but still delicious.
Oh and they actually had fried cheese curds and fried pickles as a special appetizer that night.  OMG.  I thought for one moment that I was in Wisconsin.  People were friendly, the service was quick and efficient, everyone was enjoying their shop and stroll night.  It's all why I love Wallingford so much.

 Corned Beef Reuben with Sweet Potato fries.

Grilled Chicken sandwich with regular fries.