Los Mariachis Mexican Food - Wallingford CT

Skinny Margarita
Los Mariachis Mexican Food in Wallingford, CT.  This place is the real deal.  Family run, freshly made food with an in-town feel and a place to go and just relax. No hustle and bustle of corporate food thankfully!  It's a new/old favorite restaurant of ours.  

The bar area has recently been repainted in darker colors and expanded into a horseshoe shape.  Much better for conversation and holds a few more people than before.  We like to go to Los Mariachis and eat at the bar for a quick, informal meal once in a while.  There is a great happy hour special Sunday to Thursday from 4 to 7PM that includes a margarita and an appetizer.  YUM!  My favorite appetizer food are the tamales.  They are so good!  They are the real thing, perfectly held together with the right consistency of a home made tamale.  You can even see the lines from the dried corn husks that held them together.  Stuffed with pork and hot or mild (you can one of each) the hot ones are perfectly spicy enough for me and the sour cream comes with it to cool down the hotness if necessary.

In the Paleo eating world having a nacho's/tequila night is much better for me than a pizza/beer gig as far as chowing down the carbs go.  And now that I've found that Los Mariachis has Skinny Margaritas - I'm hooked.  Look at that oh so clean, refreshing, limey loaded Skinny photo!  I haven't found a better thirst quenching drink than that around and none fresher either because they squeeze the fresh limes right when you order it.  WOW are they awesome.  Food is secondary to those lovely skinnies!  But eat we must, so along with my margarita, I usually end up with the carnitas.   Ok Ok I know that pork deep fried in glistening vegetable oil is definitely a no no but those pieces of tender, tasty pork are pure comfort food for me - definitely a cheat meal.  Along with a pile of guacamole and rice and beans, it's a win for me.  

Another lovely photo of the beautiful plate of carnitas with a delightful Pomegranate Margarita (not mine I swear!).  A little too sweet for my tastes but another win in the margarita realm.  

Carnitas Dinner

Last but not least, here's Carb Man's chicken burrito.  It's hard to tell how huge this thing is but that's a pretty big plate right there.  If it looks a little lonely on the plate, not to worry, it's a hefty meal loaded with chunks of chicken, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  It's solidly rolled and held together so nicely too.   

Can't wait until next time to try another dinner or appetizer.  See ya there!