Waters Edge Resort and Spa - Sunday Brunch - Westbrook CT

Water's Edge Resort and Spa - Sunday Brunch - Westbrook, CT

Sunday brunch is a favorite meal of mine.  Well, almost every meal is a favorite of mine but don't tell anyone! That said, someone in the house (alright, yes it was me) wanted to go to brunch to celebrate January, burn some birthday cash, drink some mimosa's, and enjoy some wonderful food at one of my favorite places on the shoreline of Connecticut.  My husband was eager to enjoy the food as well - thank God!

The last couple of times we were here for brunch it was for a holiday event, like Father's Day or Easter.  We expected that it would be scaled back some for a normal Sunday.  Not!

I admit I am not doing a Paleo diet 100%, but I was going to keep as close to it as possible.  Thankfully, Water's Edge has plenty of Paleo and lo-carb choices including this spectacular selection of fresh shrimp cocktail.  They were perfectly crisp and cold and there were plenty of them.  I was pleased to see a beautiful ice carving as well.  I thought this might have been one of those holiday specials only but here it was with all those beautiful shrimp nestled at the bottom of it.  I didn't want to get too close to see what was carved on it, but I imagine it or was it a carving of a bottle of alcohol???  Or was I in a dream state because I was so anticipating that Mimosa?  Ok whatever...

I did say I was Paleo right?  Here are the boring lovely, healthy, vegetables that one can choose at this brunch.  The grape tomatoes are so shiny and colorful!  I didn't take nearly enough photos to show the immensity of options available.

And here is someone else's (liar) plate with the beautiful crepe that was filled with blueberries, coconut, and I think it was almond pieces - or that's what I wanted it to be... and it was flamed at the end with Grand Marnier.  Holy smokes!  Well, it didn't actually smoke -- it  -- just -- flamed!  See all the other good stuff on the plate next to it - like lox and poached salmon, and cucs, and, and, well good stuff!!! 

Here are some more of those awesome veggies that we Paleo people can't get enough of.  And they made them look so pretty too.  Awwwwww.  Wait - is that where the mimosa is supposed to go?  Hmmmm, I think I need to try that next time.

Ahhhhhh - finally, some bubbly.  Yes, I had a mimosa but I drank it so fast you couldn't even see the orange! Hah!  Not wanting to overdo on the fructose in the OJ, I settled for plain champagne for the second one.  Such happy-ness!

What Paleo Goddess wouldn't be happy with this meaty, beefy, array of protein? OK OK the photo doesn't do it justice, I guess you had to be there.  But I could see the juiciness of the lamb, the roast beast, and the pork.  I was just so overjoyed with the choice of the lamb I couldn't see straight.  Geez, the mustard and the white stuff looks so BIG doesn't it - LOL?  I wasn't having ANY of that stuff... 

And, for the finale, the hubby and I shared a small plate of desserts.  I had one.  Really!  They were just the right touch of sweetness.  Well, that means that hubby had the rest.  Yes he did!  

 Thank you Water's Edge for excellent food and as always, wonderful service.  

~ Brenda and Bob