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Time for Low Carb

I really got into the low-carb diet a couple of years ago and I loved it because I could eat the things I love the most. Like all diets, the same old bad habits crept back in little by little. I've never been a big processed food person, with cabinets stocked full with cereals, boxes of processed foods, freezers full of ice cream, and bags of snack foods. But you can't start each day thinking low-carb AND then go and eat something sweet or a half of a muffin, go out and eat some french fries there, have some crunchy snack, and do that daily without the pounds creeping back on. This is the time of year when we are faced with even more carb laden choices flung in our faces daily. It just makes me more aware of how I want to make the change back to low carb. I actually really liked eating like that. It made it so much easier to eat in a restaurant because I could narrow the menu down to a few choices instead of hemming and hawing about all the things I really wanted to eat. Even t