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Avocado Paleo Deviled Eggs

Avocado Paleo Deviled Eggs 8 hard boiled eggs (cut in half) 1 ripened avocado 4 Tbsp  Kosciusko ®  mustard (made by Plochman's) 1/4 tsp garlic powder salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp dried parsley Remove the cooked yolks and mix together with the mustard, avocado, salt and pepper, and garlic powder.  Mix preferably in a mini food processor for a smooth consistency.  Spoon mix into the egg halves and top with a pinch of dried parsley or other dried spices you might like.  Enjoy! These are a great grab and go Paleo breakfast. Note:  The  Kosciusko ®  mustard ingredients are distilled white vinegar, mustard seed, water, salt and spices.