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The Essex Restaurant Centerbrook CT

The Essex Restaurant Centerbrook, CT Dreams do come true.  A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was walking through waist high water towards a small village.  Water in dreams most often means a good thing to come.  Once in the village I found myself standing inside a fish market.  There were beautiful displays of fish on all sides of the market and in the center the fishmonger was preparing the cuts of the day.   I asked for some fish and he proceeded to cut them into small perfect squares.  They were about 2 inches high, clear, translucent succulent looking pieces of perfect fish.  Since that dream I've had a craving for a piece of white fish and I finally found it here at The Essex Restaurant in Centerbrook, CT.   My husband and I love going out to dinner for new eating experiences.  We had gotten into a rut recently and had been visiting the same favorites for a while and therefore we had somehow missed hearing about The Essex.  Until this past Friday that is when